Splatoon 3 X Battles
Image: Nintendo Life

Last week saw the surprise announcement of Chill Season 2022, the newest update inking its way onto Splatoon 3. Of all of the new details revealed to be coming to the game including new stages, weapons and items, one of the biggest features to catch our eye was the introduction of X Battles with the update on 1st December.

We first heard of this game mode in the Splatoon 3 Direct showcase back in August, where it was announced that X Battles would be a variation on Anarchy Battles only for the most elite players. Though details have been scarce ever since, it looks like Nintendo is starting to drip feed us some information on what this new mode will entail and who can get involved.

As the above tweets make clear, X Battles will only be available for those ranked S+0 and above and will see you putting your 'X Power' (seemingly similar to your points in regular Anarchy Battles) on the line in order to win, or indeed lose, big. With the entry level being as high as S+0 and beyond, this is really going to be an elite-level twist on the Anarchy Battle format - better get training!

The other point to come from these new details is the information that those wanting to get involved in the X Battles will have to enrol with one of two gear-sponsored divisions dependant on location. Those hoping to splat from Europe and the Americas will be playing in the Tentatek Division, and players in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand will be in the Takoroka Division. It is not yet clear whether these sponsors will have any in-game effects and whether they will be a permanent fixture or change for each season.

Chill Season 2022 splats onto Splatoon 3 on 1st December.

Are you excited for X Battles? Let us know if you will be qualifying in the comments below!

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