Splatoon 3 Brinewater Springs
Image: Nintendo Life

Yesterday's announcement of the upcoming Splatoon 3 update, 'Chill Season 2022', might have caught many of us off guard, but there's no way that Nintendo is going to let any of the bonus content slip our minds. The detailed looks at the update began today with a walkthrough of what we can expect from the game's soon-to-be newest stage, Brinewater Springs.

There was a certain amount of location-specific content to be had in the Chill Season announcement, though we didn't get a look at the new map in this much detail. The stage looks to be set in an urban village home to some traditional architecture. There are also slopes and fountains a-plenty here, so the tactic will either be to find a good spot with a Charger up high, or take the dry spots of the arena by force with closer-range weapons.

Aside from showing us the sites that we will soon be inking to high heaven come 1st December, we also couldn't help but notice the little jellyfish soaking up the springs in the centre of the map - just be careful where you're splatting folks!

Brinewater Springs will be joining Flounder Heights from the first Splatoon game as the two new stages in the December update alongside new weapons, game modes, gear and more. For a full rundown of everything that we expect to find, check out our first-look coverage below.

Are you excited to ink up Brinewater Springs? Splat your thoughts in the comments below!

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