It has been over two months since the release of Splatoon 3 and while we continue to have a great time with the game, we felt that some kind of additional content had to be imminent. Well, our premonitions have been proven correct, as Nintendo has announced a whole new batch of inky goodness will be coming to the Splatlands in 'Chill Season 2022' - landing on Switch 1st December.

Outlined in the trailer above, this new content is set to introduce a whole host of features including new weapons, stages, game modes, gear and victory emotes to all those with a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

So, just what will these new goodies entail? Well, we know that the update will see Brinewater Springs make its Splatoon debut on the stages side of things, with its rural village vibes occupying the majority of the announcement trailer. Flounder Heights, which you might remember from the first Splatoon game, will be landing on the Switch too.

In terms of game modes, Chill Season 2022 will see the arrival of both X Battles and Big Run. We heard about the former of these in some of the extensive promotional material that came prior to the game's release in September. This game mode will only be available to you after reaching an elite ranking in Anarchy Battles, you will then place 'X Power' on the line as you play to land a spot on the game mode's leaderboards. Proper best of the best stuff right there!

As for Big Run, this game mode is a twist on the Salmon Run format. We don't know too much more than that for the moment, though Nintendo has stated that "The first Big Run will take place when the Salmonids invade the Wahoo World stage later this year." Quite what this new mode will entail, we will have to wait and see, though we can expect further details soon.

Splatoon 3 Chill Season 2022 Charger
Mmmm... new charger... — Image: Nintendo

Both of these modes will debut alongside three new weapons (one roller, one shooter, one charger) and the return of a series of weapons from previous games. Again, details are sparse on these new weapons for the moment, though the trailer does show off a Charger which appears to be able to let off multiple fully-charged shots in close succession as well as a never-before-seen Shooter and Roller (though what their abilities are, we just don't know)! There will also be a shuffling of sub-weapons to go alongside the new recruits.

As if that wasn't enough, Chill Season 2022 will bring with it a whole wardrobe full of cosmetic items including "gear, custom titles, victory emotes, stickers and more".

Phew! You spend two months asking for more content and then BAM! we're hit with a wave like this! Chill Season 2022 kicks off on 1st December for all those with a Nintendo Switch Online membership - bring on the new stuff!

What are you the most excited to see in the new update? Squid down to the comments and let us know!