Pokémon Unite Urshifu
Image: Nintendo Life

After a datamine back in September revealed the next slate of 'mon to be joining the Pokémon Unite roster, we feel like these reveals lost a sense of anticipation. Fortunately, all of the predicted monsters are out of the way now, so what follows should be back to surprises (unless there is another leak, that is).

For the moment, at least, we can get excited to see the legendary Fighting/Dark-Type (or indeed Fighting/Water-Type) Urshifu make its surprise Unite debut from tomorrow - 1st December.

The news itself broke yesterday that the online Pokémon fighter was about to get a whole lot more punchy with Urshifu's addition, and today @PokemonUnite has taken to Twitter to share what this new "melee All-Rounder" will look like in the throws of battle.

Seeing Pokémon use their best moves against each other in the Unite arena is one thing, but there is something particularly hardcore about seeing this legendary swan around before introducing its opponents to these fists.

Urshifu joins the group of fighters to have entered the battle late including Sableye, Zoroark and all the other members of the datamined squad. With the leaks out of the way, who knows what the future of Unite will hold. Here's hoping that the game finds a challenger with equally thuggy vibes to match Urshifu's energy!

What do you make of this latest addition? Punch your way to the comments and let us know!

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