Pokémon Unite Sableye
Image: The Pokémon Company

The latest addition to Pokémon Unite has been revealed and it is none other than Gen III's gemstone-eyed Dark/Ghost-Type Sableye! The new 'mon will be dropping into the game on 16th November, 2022.

Sableye was the last Pokémon to be uncovered by the datamine back in September, which also noted the additions of Clefable and Zoroark (both of which arrived in the game over the past month). Now officially confirmed by Timi Studio Group, the new battler joins the likes of Scyther and Scizor as late-comers to the Unite arena.

With all of the datamined Pokémon out of the way, where the game goes next is a little up in the air. We imagine that more monsters will be coming to the fray in the coming months, but we have no indication of what they might be - how exciting!

In related news, Pokémon Unite yesterday announced an upcoming collaboration with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet which will add character outfits, backgrounds, in-game stickers and more. You thought The Pokémon Company couldn't drum up more hype for the next entry in the franchise? Think again!

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