Image: Lavabird

Nintendo's Switch release Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp is seemingly stuck in limbo, but there's no need to worry because Warside has got all your turn-based tactical strategy cravings covered.

Yes - an indie developer known as Lavabird has announced it'll be releasing its own take on the classic series, for Nintendo's hybrid system at some point in Autumn 2023. It appears to be heavily inspired by the Game Boy Advance era of Advance Wars.

This game will contain a "great" story mode campaign with over 30 missions, 20 unit types - from tanks, subs to bomber aircraft, 12 unique commanders, and plenty of battle powers. There'll also be a mission editor and multiplayer battles (up to 4 players) via local and internet connectivity.

"Warside is a new game that cuts to the core of what made classic turn-based tactics games so great. A great story mode campaign, unique Commanders with totally different playstyles, awesome Battle Powers, and a wide variety of terrain and units. Choose your Commander, assemble your forces, and battle your way to victory."

A Kickstarter is coming in the near future, and you can sign up to the email list now to secure an early bird discount. The team also acknowledged the game's similarities to Advance Wars in an FAQ - stating how it feels it can "evolve" the genre further:

Is this just like Advance Wars?

"Our team grew up playing the genre defining masterpieces from the Advance Wars series. We have continued to enjoy modern turn-based-tactics games such as Into The Breach, and Wargroove, yet feel we can evolve the space further.

"If a modern turn-based-tactics game was released today, what would that look like? How would it play? Warside aims to update the formula whilst retaining the charm, style, and feel of the genre's classics."

What are your initial thoughts about this one? Would be interested in backing it? Comment below.

[source playwarside.com, via nintendoeverything.com]