Lynel Breath of the WIld
Image: Nintendo

Lynels are often considered one of Link's most fearsome foes in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With their huge, hulking figure, alarming speed, and dangerous weapons, we've had many a run-in with these creatures that have often ended in disaster. But someone's figured out a wait to clip this beast's fur and completely disarm it, turning this foe into nothing more than a big puppy.

Over on Twitter, @zelda_watchan (found via Automaton Media) has shared a clip of them taunting a Lynel who is standing there, motionless, unable to do anything. Automaton Media has translated the tweet as "I was able to take a Lynel’s weapons away and leave it completely helpless. In this state, it won’t attack no matter what you do." And that's exactly what happened, as this video on Twitter demonstrates (warning, the video contains a pretty rude, if artistically-drawn, hand gesture).

How do you disarm it, then? Well, you've got to bring it to Gerudo Town and trigger the cutscene where Link gets kicked out. @zelda_watchan also says that the Lynel needs to be in view when this happens, so you can't just turn up to Gerudo Town and expect the Lynel to drop its weapons because it's nearby — it's got to be visible in the cutscene.

It's not just Lynels that are affected either, it appears! @zelda_watchan has replicated these results with Bokoblins, Moblins, and Lizalfos enemies, and one of the above videos also shows Yiga Clan members have also lost their weapons. Link is just walking in the sand, taunting them, as they try to attack the hero of Hyrule.

That seems like a heck of a trek across the desert just to make this big beastie powerless, but we think it's all worth it just to have the higher ground. Someone once defeated a Lynel by throwing a rock at it, after all. We'll take easy, creative wins any day.

Will you be walking your Lynel across the desert just to disarm it? Take a breath and let us know in the comments!

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