Lynels are the fiercest enemy in Breath of the Wild — fiercer even than most of Ganon's boss forms — and most people would be right to steer well clear of the muscular lads.

But if you have the right tools, Lynels are apparently a piece of cake. And those tools are easy to come by, because one is the Magnesis power, and the other is a large metal boulder.

Once you have the ingredients ready to go, you just... bonk. Right on the noggin. Over and over again. Look:

As the original poster, さとう菓子, said, this isn't a new technique. People have been bonking Lynels with metal stuff for ages. Here's someone doing it with a bookshelf in 2019:

And here's a video from someone in March 2017, just days after BOTW's release, doing the trick completely naked:

What sets apart this new video is the elegance. There's a great deal of visual comedy in the bonk-bonk-bonk, rather than a more sloppy (but just as effective) technique of wiggling the bookcase or rock around to cause damage. In fact, it's even better with an extra layer of audio:

In case you're interested in why metal rocks and bookcases are so effective against Lynels, it's not because they have an iron allergy: It's all to do with the base damage that metal items do to an enemy. According to PointCrow, the lad with the bookcase above, a bookcase does at least 100 damage, no matter how fast you hit with it, up to a maximum of 300 damage.

A basic Red Lynel has 2,000 health, the Blue Lynel has 3,000, White Lynels have 4,000, and the Silver Lynel has 6,000 HP. That's just 20 bookcases! Easy!

How many bookcases do you think it would take to destroy you? Let us know in the comments.