Mario Heart Pain
Image: Nintendo / Universal

We've finally had our first peek at The Super Mario Bros. Movie in the Nintendo Direct teaser trailer presentation, and we now know what the plumber and some familiar Mushroom Kingdom faces — namely Bowser, Kamek, Toad, and Luigi — look like in movie form.

We got a good look at Mario's rear in the recent teaser poster, and a leak earlier this week gave us a peek at his movie face. But now we've had the chance to see him in motion in this motion picture trailer and the real question is whether Nintendo fans think this new 'Movie Mario' look is a good one or not. After all, the initial reveal of Sonic the Hedgehog for his 2020 movie provoked such a fierce reaction that it sent the filmmakers back to the drawing board, reworking finished scenes at great expense to redesign Sonic and appease fans who were not impressed with the results of Sonic's Hollywood makeover.

Illumination (the Minions studio making the Mario movie in partnership with Nintendo) will have been paying very close attention to that costly debacle, and while we're certain nobody will have quite such a dramatic reaction to this slightly less chubby, slightly more realistically proportioned take on gaming's greatest hero...he's definitely looking slightly different from the Mario we know and love from the games!

Despite some initial tentativeness, the new look is currently winning us over and we're intrigued to see more of Mario (and much more of Luigi, who was glimpsed at the end of the trailer) in the upcoming movie.

Here's a quick comparison between Movie Mario and Game Mario:

But what do you think? A bit weird, but you'll get used to it? An improvement? 'Ugly Sonic' all over again? Let us know in the poll below and feel free to elaborate in the comments.

So, what do you think of the 'Movie Mario' design?