Super Mario Butt Closeup
What? We're just examining the exquisite denim detail, is all — Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has announced that in two days' time (October 6th) we are going to be treated to an official Nintendo Direct which will be about all things related to Super Mario Bros. The Movie (we're assuming that's the title now, right?) On top of this exciting news, we got our first look at the film's initial poster, showing Mario and a whole lotta Toads standing in front of Illumination's take on the Mushroom Kingdom.

While there are a number of details and Easter Eggs that have already got us forming in-depth theories, there is one notable absence from the poster that has got the internet all riled up: Where is peach? And we're not talking about Princess Toadstool — what a foolish suggestion! — oh no.

That's right, we (and, seemingly, a whole host of you, too) could have sworn that Mario used to be a little more well-rounded in the rear department. You can't expect us to believe that all of that jumping and umpteen ground pounds could leave you as flat as a Whomp? Where, oh where, is Mario's butt?

In a journalistic process that had us questioning how it had come to this, we have compared Mario's current build to his 3D, er, back catalogue, and while the results may not be wholly conclusive, there is arguably some reduction going in here:

Fortunately, it's not just us frantically zooming in on previous images of Mario for proof that the plump plumber definitely used to hit the squat racks. Ever the voice of the people, Twitter has also been alight with the case of the missing backside — the call to #GiveMarioHisBootyBack has never been stronger:

Taking a moment to step back from their butt-induced shock, both @TheTipArrowNT and @arvalis took the time to, erm, plump Mario out a little bit:

Look, as arvalis quite rightly says, Sonic got a full redesign right after the trailer dropped due to internet outrage, perhaps the same will happen again if enough people get behind (sorry) this cause. We hope that a reasonable explanation will be provided in this week's trailer, though somehow we doubt that it will.

What do you make of Mario's butt-less design? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!