Super Mario Bros. Movie
Image: Nintendo Life / Gemma Smith

Well folks, it's finally time!

After what's felt like an age since the Super Mario Bros. Movie was first announced, here we are about to check out the premiere trailer via a special Nintendo Direct presentation.

We're not entirely sure how long this presentation will be, exactly, but we're going to hedge our bets and say it'll be around 10-15 minutes in length. Maybe... We never quite know with Nintendo!

We've already taken a deep dive into the teaser poster for the movie to pick out any interesting tidbits, and we've also shed some light on Mario's rather lacklustre, er... bottom. Check those out while you're waiting, and make sure you have a nice beverage at hand, too!

The Direct presentation will kick off at 1:05pm PT / 09:05pm BST / 4:05am AWST (Oct 7th).