Image: SNK

Over the past five years, the Nintendo Switch has become a fantastic system for fighting game enthusiasts. In saying this, there are still some serious gaps in its collection - with the hybrid device so far missing out on games like Tekken and also the modern Street Fighter games.

A few other newer titles we're sure many fighting fans would love to see make the leap across to Nintendo's hybrid system include The King of Fighters XIV and The King of Fighters XV by SNK. The Japanese company has mentioned the possibility of it in the past but now seems to have retracted its previous statement due to "the hardware specs and the technical limitations of the Switch".

Here's what SNK producer Yasuyuki Oda had to say in a recent interview with Gamereactor (courtesy of Google translate) - mentioning how as much as the team "would love to" release these games on the Switch, there are admittedly "no plans" right now:

Yasuyuki Oda: “Yes, obviously if you have a Switch, you have a lot of our retro content, you can play almost all of SNK’s fighting games, and we investigated this issue even with King of Fighters XIV and even XV. One of the biggest problems with KoF is that you have three characters and you have to load all the resources between rounds and so on. It really didn’t go well with the hardware specs and the technical limitations of the Switch. It was something that really bugged us, we would love to do it and we are always thinking about it, but at the moment there are no plans."

So, there you have it - if you have been wondering about the possibility of the more recent King of Fighters games coming to Switch, try not to get your hopes up. Alternatively, you can always opt for the classic KoF games, and SNK has also released some other modern games like SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy and Samurai Shodown on the device.

Would you like to see SNK eventually bring the newest King of Fighters games to a Nintendo system? Leave a comment below.

[source gamereactor.es, via nintendoeverything.com]