Get working on your martial arts moves, as the Kung Fu action brawler Sifu is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 8th.

The Direct Showcase revealed a small trailer of the game (above), demonstrating the appealing hand-to-hand combat in all its crunchy action. Sifu will see you taking on hoards of opponents as you attempt to avenge your father, and looking at the trailer, it seems that this Switch port will not lose too much of the kinetic energy that the game holds on PlayStation. Which would be lovely, as our friends over at Push Square awarded it 8/10 and called it "brutal but brilliant".

In the summary from developer Sloclap, Sifu is framed as a race against time where every blow that you suffer will ensure that you get weaker (wait, isn't that just real life?) For a detailed taste of what is in store, check out the developer's description below:

By thrusting, tripping and parrying opponents, you’ll break their stance and gain the upper hand. Fall in combat, and you’ll get older and weaker. However, you’ll learn new techniques to help complete your mission. Can you exact revenge before time runs out?

The studio has also confirmed that the game will come in two different physical release packages - Vengence Edition and Redemption Edition — each containing a large collection of pre-order goodies including art books, pendants, physical copies of the soundtracks, and even a figurine.


We don't have long to wait until Sifu comes punching and kicking its way onto Switch, and the game is already available to pre-order for $39.99.

Will you be purchasing Sifu on the Switch? Punch up the keys in the comments to let us know!