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Image: Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari Japanese box art

We've got some incredibly sad news coming out of Japan today. Miracle Kidz president Mitsuhiro Yoshida passed away at the end of last month on August 30th.

Yoshida worked at Technōs Japan (known best for the beat 'em up series Double Dragon) - helping create classics like Kunio-kun (Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari / River City Ransom / Street Gangs), Super Dodge Ball, and even Nintendo World Cup.

His current indie studio Miracle Kidz was comprised of former Technōs Japan employees and is also known for working on the Kunio-kun series, now under the ownership of Arc System Works. Here's the brief statement it released via social media:

"Miracle Kidz President, Mitsuhiro Yoshida (吉田晄浩) passed away suddenly on August 30. He was the creator of the “River City Ransom(Downtown Nekketsu)” series."

On behalf of the community here at Nintendo Life, our thoughts go out to Mitsuhiro Yoshida's family and friends.