Roller Champs
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[Update: Mon 25th Jul, 2022 20:30 BST]

Ubisoft has posted a statement, saying that the game "isn't getting cancelled" and that "Ubisoft fully supports it", with the development team "making sure we focus on what our players have told us needs improvement".

The team have said that they will be extending Disco Fever's length — the name for the current season of the game — and adding a patch that lets players send out cross-play invites and fixes several bugs.

This is just the first move in continuing to support the game, it seems, as the statement also suggests that "more improvements" will be coming before the next season.

[Original: Mon 25th Jul, 2022 16:45 BST]

While still relatively new to Switch consoles, it has been reported that that the Rocket League-inspired high-intensity roller derby game, Roller Champions, is set to be canned after its third season.

The report comes courtesy of Giant Bomb journalist, Jeff Grubb, who stated, 'Roller Champions is gonna be cancelled after Season 3' when speaking on the Xbox Era Podcast. Check out the timestamped video at the bottom of the page to hear Grubb's full statement.

While this cancellation would mean that Roller Champions' Switch career will have been short-lived, we can't say that we are necessarily surprised. In our review of the game, we concluded that it just wasn't capable of reaching the heights of its over-the-top sports game contemporaries, and while the gameplay was initially fun, 'it lacks in pretty much every other department and there’s just not enough content in here to satisfy anyone.'

The game is currently on its second season, and with its predecessor lasting only two months, it is expected that Season 3 will begin in August and end in October.

While Grubb's statement is not necessarily the death knell for the game - Ubisoft are still yet to release an official statement about its cancellation, after all - it seems that for Roller Champions, the end is nigh.

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