Image: Electronic Arts

At the Apex Legends Global Series 2022 competition - which offers up an incredible $2 million grand prize, by the way - professional gamer Philip "ImperialHal" Dosen shot to headlines for showing restraint during a match in which a competitor player crashed. When roaming about the map, Dosen spotted the lone player whose avatar remained static, signifying that whoever was controlling it must have crashed or disconnected during the match.

As reported by Eurogamer, instead of bagging the cheap kill, Dosen quickly realised that the player had crashed and chose to refrain from shooting, stating into the microphone to his teammates "Dont shoot him. Don't shoot him, bro! He's crashed, do not shoot him. He's 100% tapped out or crashed or something".

Dosen and his teammates then left the player and proceeded with the game as normal. It's a small gesture but one that certainly hasn't gone unnoticed, with many heaping praise on Dosen online. After one user highlighted the gesture on Twitter, Dosen replied with "it’s the least every player can do out here with these issues".

It's certainly not the kind of gesture you're likely to see during every-day matches online, but we hope that more people see this kind of sportsmanship and take it on themselves to show the same kind of restraint themselves. After all, crashing during a match is frustrating enough as it is!

What do you make of the restraint shown by Dosen in Apex Legends? Would you do the same? Be honest and let us know in the comments!

[source eurogamer.net]