Image: Jupiter Corporation

If you can't get enough of Jupiter's Picross titles for the Nintendo Switch, the good news is another one is on the way.

Following on from the release of its Sega Picross compilation and various other themed Picross releases over the years, it's now announced Picross X: Picbits vs. Uzboross is getting an international release.

The game will arrive in Japan on 4th of August, and western players will have to wait "a while" for its local release. At the moment, there are no localisation details.

Below is the trailer for the game, which gives Picross enthusiasts a first look. When it does arrive locally, it'll be released on the Switch eShop exclusively. You can also check out 18 minutes of gameplay footage:

Would you be interested in some more Picross action on Nintendo Switch? Tell us in the comments.

[source twitter.com, via gematsu.com]