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Image: Square Enix

After the release of a Dragon Quest Treasures teaser trailer in May, we have been getting increasingly excited to join Dragon Quest XI's Erik and Mia on an adventure into Draconia when the game is released on 9th December.

To whip us up even further, Square Enix has released a trove of new screenshots showing off the upcoming game and the kind of characters we can expect to meet along the way.

The images give a great look at Erik and Mia's interactions with their new companions, Purrsula and Porcus, as well as hinting at some of the titular treasures that you can expect to find as you journey through the magical realm of Draconia. Hey, is there any other kind of realm?

We have collected together some of the best screenshots from the game below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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Image: Square Enix

Are you more excited now to get your hands on that big old pile o' gold or finally meet Porcus, the adorable flying pig? Let us know in the comments below!