It's 27th May in Japan, which means the Dragon Quest series is celebrating its 36th anniversary! And to kick things off, Square Enix has dropped a brand new teaser for its previously announced spin-off, Dragon Quest Treasures.

Revealed last year for the series' 35th anniversary, Dragon Quest Treasures stars Dragon Quest XI's Erik and his sister Mia and is intended to be quite a bit different from the mainline series. This cute-little trailer doesn't give much more away about the game except give us a better look at Erik and Mia, along with two adorable flying creature companions. And in big bold gold writing, the trailer says we'll be going on "one tremendous treasure hunt!" So Erik will get to flex his thieving skills once again

Dragon Quest spin-offs vary from Minecraft-inspired RPG building games like Dragon Quest Builders to a tank-battling top-down action-adventure game in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. How that treasure hunt will look is anyone's game, really, and we're looking forward to finding out.

We currently don't know what platforms the game will be launching on, but given Dragon Quest's history with Nintendo, surely we'll be seeing this on Switch? Square Enix has promised us more info about the spin-off in June, and if it's heading the Switch's way, we'll be sure to let you all know.

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