The world record for the Any% speedrun of Breath of the Wild has a new owner: Koroks! No, not the 900 little tree-guys that are the bane of everyone's existence, but the speedrunner Koroks, who logged a 24:10 time on June 18th, 2022.

Beating Player5's previous world record by just five seconds, Koroks' run has a lot of the same tricks as the now-second place run. For starters, they both play in French, which is apparently the best language to zip through cutscenes and dialogue, and it looks like they both do everything in the same order: collecting the bomb, magnesis, stasis, and cryonis powers before grabbing the paraglider, heading to the castle, fighting the blights, then defeating Calamity Ganon and the Dark Beast.

Koroks left only one comment on the world record run:

"Really good. Blights could have been better."

So, clearly, there's still room for improvement. We eagerly await a sub-24 minute run.

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