Bayo 3
Image: Nintendo

This is it, folks. If rumours are to be believed, then we could very well be getting our next peek at Nintendo's future plans with a new Nintendo Direct showcase next week. Possibly.

All signs — okay, some signs — currently point to a showcase airing on Wednesday, June 29th. This is after some discussion on the matter from Sony Santa Monica writer Alanah Pearce during a livestream, plus some rather suspicious maintenance being planned for the UK 'My Nintendo Store' website from June 27th - 29th.

Of course, more than anything else, we're all kinda desperate for a Nintendo Direct at this point, right? While we know what's coming up from Nintendo in the short-term — Live A Live and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in July, followed by Splatoon 3 in September — we could really do with some more concrete information on other titles. When is Bayonetta 3 coming out? What's Breath of the Wild 2 really called? Will Metroid Prime 4 ever launch? So many questions!

So with that in mind, check out the below polls and let your voice be heard. Be sure to also share a comment with what you're expecting to see from the eventual next Nintendo Direct.

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