Image: Nintendo

With the Summer Game Fest now in full swing, rumours of a Nintendo Direct taking place during the month of June continue to gain traction. With no word from the Big N itself regarding an upcoming showcase, we're unfortunately left to scrounge around for every scrap of information we can possibly find.

Thankfully, the latest rumour comes from a rather credible source and points to a Nintendo Direct occurring on Wednesday, June 29th - that's a little over two weeks away! It comes courtesy of Alanah Pearce, former games journalist for the likes of IGN and Rooster Teeth and now writer for Sony Santa Monica, who mentioned the date at the end of a live-stream during which she reacted to the latest Xbox/Bethesda Games Showcase.

You can check out the video itself right here (skip to the 2 hour mark for the Nintendo Direct comments), but here's what Alanah had to say:

"Is there a Nintendo Direct announced? No but I believe that there is a Nintendo Direct coming on the 29th. I don't know that that's been announced, you heard it here first. Let me check... I have it written down. 29th, yeah, June 29th, Nintendo Direct. It's not technically a leak because Nintendo didn't tell me, which is how I make that call. But I'm not leaking anything that's in it, which I think is s****y."

Other reliable sources have backed up Pearce:

VGC has also stated that Pearce's comments "match" with what it has been told.

So there you go! We're going to take this one with a huge grain of salt, but it's currently the best lead we've got right now to a potential Nintendo Direct. Alanah has proven to be reliable in the past, so we'll just have to see what happens with this one. As always, though, make sure to stay with us at Nintendo Life where we'll share the official announcement of a new Direct as and when it happens!

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