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Witchbrook, an isometric RPG that combines a school of witchcraft with the farming mechanics of Stardew Valley, has resurfaced after a long period of silent treatment. The game now has a Steam page along with its own Twitter handle.

Along with that, some new screenshots of the game have been showcased, displaying some truly gorgeous pixelated visuals with a world teaming with characters to meet and environments to explore.

As of now, the game has only been confirmed for release on Steam. However, given the monumental success of Stardew Valley on multiple platforms, it seems likely that Witchbrook will, eventually, make its way to the Switch.

Here's an overview of the features from the game's Steam page:

- Graduate Top of Your Class – Develop your magical abilities by attending classes, completing assignments, and earning badges at Witchbrook College. Practice your new skills by putting them to the test, using your magic all over the town. Master magical arts; brew potent potions, challenge fellow classmates to a broom race, forage for strange mushrooms, and harness your botany know-how to grow all sorts of fauna and flora!

- Make Friends and Memories – Make friends and go on romantic dates with a colorful cast of characters. Unravel their unique stories, hopes and dreams as you spend more time with each of your fellow classmates. Shape their lives, work together, and find romance…

- Forge Your Own Identity – Express your unique aesthetic with customizable clothing, hair and accessories. Renovate your cozy woodland cottage how you see fit and transform the surrounding garden into a thriving habitat for plants and wildlife.

- A Living, Magicl World – Just like you, your fellow students, teachers and townsfolk have busy routines and social calendars. Immerse yourself in a vivid world, join in the festivities at seasonal events and take part in special activities.

- Extra-Curricular Activities – There’s more to life than just your witch studies! Spend your free time doing activities such as photography and gardening, or shop ‘til you drop at Mossport’s many boutiques, cafes and seasonal markets. Change up your look, try one of Olive’s local delicacies, or adopt a houseplant at Wild Flower.

- Post-Graduate Life – Continue your studies as a post-graduate to perfect your skills and become the best witch you can be! Take to the skies on your broom, and hand-deliver requested homemade goods to your neighbors. A graduate witch is always in high demand with the local townsfolk.

Hopefully we'll get confirmation of a Switch release sooner rather than later, but it sounds like Witchbrook may still be a little while off, regardless. Still, how gorgeous does it look?! We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

What do you think of Witchbrook? Are you hoping to see it on the Switch? Let us know in the usual place.

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