Developer Cordens Interactive has announced Vesper: Zero Light Edition, an enhanced version of Vesper for PC. The game will launch on Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive on May 12 at $7.99 / €7.99 / £7.99. Pre-orders for the game can bag 20% off the listed price for a limited time.

The new version of the game is said to include new content, enhanced graphics, improved performance, and rebalanced gameplay.

Here's a breakdown of the original release from its Steam page:

Vesper is a visionary adventure taking place in a decaying world full of puzzles and mysteries to uncover, where your choices will change the future of an entire race.

Seven is a small android, lost on an eerie planet full of perils and traces of an ancient civilization - with no powers and no ability to defeat enemies until he finds the Drive Gun, a weapon used to absorb lights, create darkness, and control minds.

It certainly looks like Vesper: Zero Light Edition will take advantage of the improved display on the Switch OLED. We previously took a look at some other games that look much better on the console revision, released back in October 2021.

Will you be grabbing Vesper: Zero Light Edition when it launches later this month? Let us know with a comment.