Image: Nintendo

We've seen all sorts of wonderful creations based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild since the game launched back in 2017, including beautifully crafted miniature statues and a stunning Zelda cosplay, but this may well be the most impressive creation we've seen yet.

Cosplayer Allison Chase over on TikTok has spent several weeks creating a near life-size 'cosplay model' of a Guardian from Breath of the Wild for demonstration at Florida's MegaCon. She's gone to insane lengths to replicate the look and movement of the Guardian, including light-up animations around the 'neck' and the 'eye' to simulate an attack pattern.

Finishing off the model with realistic moss and grass and it looks like Allison has simply dove straight into the game itself and pulled a Guardian out into reality itself! Quite frankly, it's enough to make us sprint away and hide in the nearest shrine; truly remarkable work.

You can check out Allison's gradual progress to completion over on TikTok to get an idea of how she managed such a feat, along with a glimpse at some of her other work.

What do you make of Allison's creation? Have you come across any other Zelda models or cosplay designs that you'd like to highlight? Let us know in the comments below!

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