Edlothian Hylia Statues
Image: @edlothian

Fan artists and creators are incredible. The dedication and time they put into making art related to their favourite media is honestly pretty inspiring, and there are some extremely talented people out there that make us a little bit jealous!

Now, come on, if you're anything like us, when you first played Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you probably combed over every inch of the map, and scanned every detail of every statue. Well, maybe not that far, but one thing we remember in particular is just how nature was overtaking the ruins and statues dotted around this apocalyptic Hyrule. It felt like we were exploring an abandoned castle in the middle of an English field!

Artist edlothian has managed to recreate some of these statues from Breath of the Wild in stunning detail, complete with fake moss and ivy leaves. You can even see the green and yellow stains at the base of the statues as the vegetation stains the stone.

Created using a 3D printer - as confirmed on Reddit - edlothian has made a handful of fun and beautiful-looking Breath of the Wild-inspired creations, such as this Goddess Hylia statue and this adorable Korok-inspired diffuser. We cannot get over how happy the little Korok looks in the water!

Breath of the Wild isn't the only Zelda game that edlothian has made some outstanding replicas from, though. One of his big projects is recreating the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time, and not just the structure itself. The artist has also made enemies that will go inside the completed temple, and they're just as creepy-looking as you remember them being in polygonal form.

Every single brick is individually visible, and the drooling Deku Baba with blood-stained lips is chilling. There isn't a stone unturned, literally! With treasure chests and pools of water surrounding the structure, we think Nintendo should commission this person to make a miniature version of every dungeon.

Skyward Sword also got a bit of love last year, too, as edlothian created a stand for his Link amiibo. And the stand looks exactly like the place in Skyloft where you get the Sailcloth! The wear and tear on the statue and the tilling on the stand's floor are just stunning.

We can't imagine how much time these take to create, and my goodness, do we want all of them. Hats off to you for these wonderful creations, edlothian! We can't wait to see what you make next. Perhaps some wearable masks from Majora's Mask are on the table?

We've really just picked out a handful of edlothian's work from the last year to showcase, but there are tons more you can go and fish out if you want! It's absolutely worth it. You can follow edlothian over on Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

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