Masochists, gather round: Your next game has arrived. It's called Unsouled, and as you might be able to guess from the title, it looks like it'll scratch that punishing pixel-perfect combat itch that Dark Souls gets, plus a rather lovely visual style that's reminiscent of beloved roguelike Dead Cells.

The story revolves around a prince from a fallen kingdom who finds that he can consume the souls of the dead to increase his power (sound familiar?), and he uses this ability to grow stronger, build his skills, and defeat the monsters and bosses that plague the land.

The combat in particular is a focus, with chain combos and counter-attacks being vital skills to learn if you want to beat the game's tough enemies. Each of the game's 7 bosses will give you a new skill, plus 60 passive skills, and 16 character skills to master as you progress.

Unsouled will be officially released on Switch, Xbox Game Pass, and Steam on April 28th, for $19.99.