Update [Mon 4th Apr, 2022 09:40 BST]: Konami has confirmed to TechRadar that the metalgear35th site that appeared just before April Fools' Day is indeed a fake.

In fact, it has now been transformed into the 'Konami Memorial NFT' site with an explanation posted by the site's creator that, yes, it's all just a light-hearted joke:

Metal Gear 35 Konami April Fools
Image: metalgear35th.com
Konami Memorial NFT
Image: metalgear35th.com

A spokesperson told TechRadar quite definitively that Konami wasn't behind this:

This site is not Konami's site. We are currently considering how to deal with this site.

So where does this leave any genuine Metal Gear 35th anniversary plans? "There is nothing we can say right now," TRG were told.

Metal Gear 35th
Image: metalgear35th.com

Original Story [Thu 31st Mar, 2022 18:30 BST]: It's that time of year when prudent sites on all rungs of the games media ladder go full 'shields up, red alert': April Fools' Day approaches. In fact, it's already 1st April in some parts of the world, and video game companies will insist on making silly-and-obviously-joke announcements alongside silly-but-actually-real announcements.

One of the most eyebrow-raising ones we've come across today is the site metalgear35th, which appears to be an official repository waiting for some anniversary related content from Konami, the holders of the keys to the Metal Gear franchise.

Yes, it's approaching three-and-a-half decades since the original Metal Gear launched in July 1987 for MSX2, with the NES version releasing in Japan on 22nd December the same year. And while this new site looks perfectly official — with the appropriate Konami branding and the links to boring corporate pages you'd expect to find on such a site — we're not quite ready to dive into rampant speculation just yet. The timing is just too iffy.

After all, we've seen someone snap up silenthill.com recently just to troll Konami. And even if it does turn out to be legit, the relative (or should that be RElative?) disappointment of Capcom's recent (REcent?) teases and subsequent reveals (somebody end this!) is another reason (...) to exercise caution.

Sufficiently boring
Yep, that all looks sufficiently boring — Image: metalgear35th.com

While the series spearheaded by auteur game director Hideo Kojima is perhaps more closely associated with PlayStation, we've had some notable entries in the canon appear on Nintendo consoles: the aforementioned original Metal Gear, of course, plus Metal Gear Solid on Game Boy Color, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes on GameCube, and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D on 3DS.

What do you think? Is Konami genuinely cooking something up for a proper celebration? Is somebody getting ready for some hilarious April japes? Let us know in the poll below.

Is this Metal Gear 35th Anniversary site legit?

[source metalgear35th.com]