Update: We hope you didn't get too excited about yesterday's Resident Evil tease because all Capcom has done is add some information relating to past titles to its dedicated series website.

Resident Evil
Image: Capcom

As you can see, another update to the portal is scheduled for the 22nd of February.

Original Story [Tue 15th Feb, 2022 08:00 GMT]: Capcom's Resident Evil Twitter account has just revealed that we can expect some news today.

The account's latest tweet says there's "there's something suspicious" going on and that the announcement will take place today (Feb 15th) at 4PM JST (that's 02:00 AM ET / 07:00 AM GMT).

However, the tag '#REBHFun' might suggest that this isn't a major announcement, but something more light-hearted.

It would seem that this is separate from the countdown timer that Capcom currently has running on its main site.

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