It was way back in August 2020(!) that the intriguing Card Shark was revealed for the Switch in an Indie World showcase, with developer Nerial teaming up with publishing powerhouse Devolver Digital for the release. The concept is that you fleece and cheat your way to the top of 18th century French society, all through playing cards and tricking the other players in various ways.

There's now a developer walkthrough video available (above), which is useful for seeing how the game will actually work. It's not just about playing cards, but working with your accomplice in different ways - sneaking cards into or out of their pocket while pouring them a drink, or finding a reason to leave the room and 'mark' cards in the deck so you can manipulate the game.

It looks tricky but also rather fun, and the game has an undeniable sense of style.

It's due this year on Switch and PC, with the latest video saying it's 'coming soon'. If you have a Steam account you can check out a demo, too.