Image: Forever Entertainment

The House of the Dead: Remake is just around the corner, launching on the Switch eShop on April 7th (you can also pre-order one of three sweet physical editions from Forever Limited). We're excited to see how the 1996 classic has been revamped for the Switch, but one of the biggest questions lingering for many fans was whether it would actually support gyro controls or not.

The good news is that yes, of course it does. It may seem obvious, but some readers (and some of us, too) were concerned that perhaps the upcoming remake would opt for stick-and-button controls as its sole control method. As it turns out, however, gyro support was previously mentioned in an extensive list of features (silly us!), but just to be extra cautious we reached out to Forever Entertainment to check once again for ourselves.

In doing so, the publisher has confirmed that an awesome sounding mode called 'Cowboy Mode' will be coming as part of a future update, which will allow solo players to wield two Joy-Con — one in each hand. The possibility that a gun peripheral may become a reality was also teased, perhaps similar to the Wii Hand Cannon that launched alongside The House of the Dead: Overkill...

Nintendo Life: Can a single player wield two Joy-Con/guns simultaneously?
Forever Entertainment: We call it "cowboy mode”, and it will be a part of a planned update.

Can you use gyro controls with the Pro Controller?
Yes, the gyroscope for all devices is supported, depending on a device of your choice.

Was a gun peripheral considered for the Limited Edition? A lot of us have fond memories of The House Of The Dead: Overkill’s Wii Hand Cannon...
Yes, we were working on a few different projects. Maybe one of them will come to life...

So yes, gyro support is definitely a thing, and we're thrilled. House of the Dead without pointer or gyro controls doesn't sound particularly enticing, so the fact that it's now definitely confirmed for both Joy-Con and Pro Controller use is a big win in our eyes.

Will you be picking up The House of the Dead: Remake on April 7th, or are you opting to wait a bit longer for a physical copy? Either way, let us know in the usual place.