One of the most joyful things about the retro video game community is the conventions and meet-ups that are put on to celebrate the classics and bask in the glory of those hidden gems.

In-person events are slowly starting to make a comeback, so leave it to the indomitable Zion Grassl, king of collectibles and physical media (and lovely Nintendo Life video producer), to come back from a local game swap meet in Portland with a plethora of weird and wonderful goodies. Where else are you going to find first-party titles like Steel Diver or peripherals like the uDraw tablet?

Yes, this video proves that the Wii is properly retro now. It's nearly 16 years old! Also can we have that CRT with EarthBound playing in the background?

Check out Zion's video up top to see what we're talking about, and let us know the best purchases or swaps you've ever made at a video game convention or event!