Serpent Rogue
Image: Team17 / Sengi Games

Ukrainian developer Sengi Games has announced its intention to push on with its original intended launch date of April 26th for 'sandbox-roguelike' title The Serpent Rogue.

Through a series of tweets, Sengi Games has communicated its situation in Ukraine over the past weeks, initially saying that the ongoing conflict would disrupt the studio's ability to help or answer questions regarding the game, and then thanking the community for its ongoing support.

However, it seems that the team has incredibly been able to continue work on the game and has "made a decision to stick to the original plan":

The game itself will feature a mix of crafting and experimentation, as you create potions and recipes to change situations around you. Protagonist 'The Warden' also has the ability to transform into other creatures, with actions having real consequences on the surrounding world.