Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Want to know how to acquire the ultimate Game Boy or Game Boy Color? Well, you just need some spare cash and all of the accessories!

In ye olden days, handheld consoles came with a plethora of add-ons and peripherals that would help enhance your gaming experience. Remember, the backlight didn't always exist. - you had to buy an external light to attach to the console. And heavens forbid you try and play out in the daylight.

There are accessories we have fond memories of, like Game Genie helping us get through those tricky stages, or gifting us the best power-ups, and the Game Boy Camera and Printer for being, well, just their novel little selves.

So, what happens if you put a bunch of these add-ons together? Twitter user @yoshinokentarou shared a video that shows just what you can achieve with a Game Boy Color, and - to be honest with you - we're pretty jealous of this rig!

It appears that with video in the Tweet comes from UnPacked on TikTok, who got in touch with us.

It looks like the handheld is going to turn into a car with all of that attached to it!

We often complained about just how clunky some of these accessories made our Game Boys as kids, but looking at this Frankenstein's monster of plastic and peripherals, we can't help but be amused and in awe.

Translating the tweet through Google, Yoshino is also making a similar joke to our little Power Rangers nod in the title:

For the first time, I saw a video of the process of transforming into a full armor Game Boy.

It could be a Transformer or it could indeed be a Gundam! But whatever it is, it's a cool way to see many of these accessories all together.

We love our little peripherals here, but do you have a favourite? And could you make a full armour Game Boy? Let us know in the comments.

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