The Game Boy Camera is a surprisingly cool piece of kit – did you know that you can use it as a webcam or that it can be used to photograph the moon? – but we didn't ever think we'd see a fully-functioning, fan-made game playable on the Camera's software itself.

Amazingly, though, that's exactly what we have here thanks to freelance artist and game developer, Karolina Twardosz. Making fantastic use of the GB Camera's Hot-Spot feature, Twardosz has managed to transform a library of images into a short point-and-click adventure, and you can see the whole thing play out in the video up above.

For anyone unfamiliar with the GB Camera's software, the Hot-Spot feature allows you to place invisible buttons on your images which take you to another photo, essentially letting you create mini presentations. You can also make use of sound effects or fade-in effects, which have been expertly used in Twardosz's 'Attack of the Fluff Monster' creation.

You can do some seriously amazing things if you have enough imagination, that's for sure. Great work, Karolina!

Thanks to Lucas for the tip!