Mighty Goose is a colourful and frenetic run 'n gun title, which we quite enjoyed in our review last year. Developed by Blastmode and MP2 Games, it's now confirmed to be getting a nice boost with free DLC on 19th April.

This DLC looks and sounds promising; it'll unlock after you clear the game, and you'll apparently need all of your power-ups and abilities to clear the challenging new stages. There'll be multiple new levels and a boss to tackle:

Return as the winged, waddling, weapon-toting Mighty Goose on a new mission complete with new pixel art by Richard Lems (KUNAI) and fresh tracks from composer Dominic Ninmark (Blazing Chrome). After defeating the Void King in the main campaign, Mighty receives a call about a new threat: the villainous Baron seeks to destroy the aquatic paradise of Planet Ceto.

Fend off the Baron’s maritime minions, unleashing waves of destruction while riding on a surfboard in this new world. Commandeer a new submersible aquatic vehicle and show sea creatures the superiority of lungs to gills. Enjoy several challenging new levels and a devilish boss fight with the Baron.

It's described as the 'final bounty', and it's always nice to see games get a celebratory free DLC to give players a bit more to enjoy.

Let us know if you'll be checking it out on 19th April!