Image: The Pokémon Company

A couple of years ago, we discovered that you could buy a big ol' Mareep plush for around $500. We know, it's absolutely adorable, but $500? You can get a real Magikarp for 500 Pokédollars in Pokémon Red and Blue. We don't know what the conversion rate actually is, and you might not be able to squeeze your digital Magikarp. But, Gyarados makes that worth it, right?

Anyway, if you want your own life-sized Mareep in real life and you live in the UK — and you're not feeling the Poké pinch in the wallet department — you're in luck! The Pokémon Center UK has just stocked up on some extra large Poké Plush for you to cuddle.

The collection doesn't just contain the Electric Sheep Pokémon, which stands proudly at 45 inches. You can also pick up a big 34" Lapras, a 31" Psyduck, a huge 59" Slowpoke, and a comparatively dinky 23 ¾" Pikachu with — get this — a ribbon. You could probably use one of these as a Mareep substitute. We're sure no one will notice...

Look, if the Pokémon Center is suggesting that Slowpoke can be used as a backrest of cushion, and the UK branch is holding out on a massive Snorlax, then we will oblige.

With all of these costing between £100 and £430, we'd want that Mareep plush to come with some extras, or perhaps evolve into a life-sized Ampharos? A 6ft plush isn't totally out of the question. At least there are no extra shipping costs this time (the UK store delivers all items for a flat fee of £5 per order).

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Will you be picking up a brand new giant Poké Plush? What other life-sized Pokémon toys do you want to see? (Don't say Wailord or Eternatus.) Let us know in the comments!