Triangle Strategy has been out for nearly a month now, getting off to a good start in terms of sales and earning plenty of praise. Currently a Switch exclusive, as HD-2D predecessor Octopath Traveler was at launch, it's now had a technical analysis by Digital Foundry, above.

It's a video full of praise, particularly for the artwork and smart use of attractive effects for the visuals. In terms of technical drawbacks, the challenge of utilising Unreal Engine 4 means that resolution is dynamic and can dip, so the characters and action can occasionally be a tad blurry in docked play, particularly.

Performance-wise it's a positive outlook, with the game holding a steady 30fps while looking rather lovely; as it's a tactics game, it works well.

We were big fans in our review, and we'll likely keep banging the drum on behalf of this one for some time yet.

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