Triangle Strategy
Image: Square Enix

Triangle Strategy has been quietly doing the rounds here at Nintendo Life, impressing us with its gorgeous visuals and in-depth tactical combat. And it seems like many people around the world agree with our review that it's pretty darn brilliant. You should read it in case you're still thinking about picking it up.

Producer Tomoya Asano has reported that Square Enix's latest (triangle) strategy RPG has sold 800,000 copies worldwide, and for a genre that (outside of Nintendo's Fire Emblem) doesn't seem to be as big as it once was, that's pretty impressive. The game only came out two weeks ago, too.

The announcement came on Twitter, and the producer also shared this rather beautiful drawing from character designer and artist Naoki Ikushima — whose work is also doing the rounds lately!

Using machine translation courtesy of Google, we can see that Asano is grateful for Triangle Strategy's really strong sales:

Two weeks have passed since its release.
More than 200,000 in Japan + Asia and 800,000 in the world soon (shipping + DL)
Thank you m_ _m
The illustration is from Ikushima with gratitude.
Please continue to support us in the future
Asano P

For comparison, Square Enix's other HD-2D game, Octopath Traveler, hit 1 million sales in three weeks, so it seems like Triangle Strategy is following a similar path to success as its cousin.

Have you picked up Triangle Strategy yet? Let us know in the comments or pick up a copy here!