Retro Forge revealed at The MIX showcase that its Soulslike Metroidvania, Souldiers, will be releasing on 19th May. To celebrate - and to match its stunning pixel art - a new trailer premiered during the show with some lovely anime-esque visuals from Sunshine Animation, the Spanish animation studio behind intros for games like Cris Tales, Sword of the Necromancer, Blasphemous, and more!

What sets this Metroidvania apart from the sea of other excellent examples is that you can customise your character. You can play as a scout, caster, or archer, and each class brings its own benefits to both combat and action. Each class also has its own skill tree to help develop your character however you want!

Hot off the press, here are some of the main features you'll get to play around with when you enter the world of Terragaya (we see what you did there):

- Choose your class: Unleash the fury of your sword with the scout, summon the wrath of elements with the caster, or rain down arrows on your foes with the archer.
- Gripping combat: Slash, parry and dodge your way through an ever-evolving roster of enemies, upgrading your skills and equipment to find a combat style that’s perfect for you.
- An interconnected world: Discover a sprawling handcrafted landscape filled with treasures, tough-as-nails bosses and secret pathways.
- 16-bit sensation: Terragaya comes to life with vibrant world-class pixel art packed to the brim with details.
- Smart moves: Solve environmental puzzles and leap from place to place using an ever-expanding moveset.

Dear Villagers, the publishers behind the game, is responsible for delivering smash hits such as The Forgotten City and ScourgeBringer to our screens, so we're confident this will be another game that catches our souls off-guard.

You can find out more information about Souldiers on its official website. In the meantime, why not let us know if you'll be picking up the game in the comments!