Nintendo has set its sights on the YouTube video game music channel GilvaSunner (again). Following on from previous copyright claims on the channel dating back to 2020, it's now been hit with a whopping 1,300 takedowns.

All sorts of high-quality Nintendo music has been removed from the channel - ranging from Super Mario soundtracks to Legend of Zelda ones. It's worth noting that GilvaSunner does not monetise these soundtracks. And as we've previously noted, Nintendo has every right to protect its music.

Here's a message GilvaSunner shared on social media, following a previous lot of takedowns in 2020:

"I see a lot of assumptions being made by some of you with some extreme words against me. Let me clarify again that I do not monetize videos and do not profit from them. I do realize that doesn’t justify uploading the content.

"I’m also not angry or surprised that Nintendo is doing this, but I do think it’s a bit disappointing there is hardly an alternative. If Nintendo thinks this is what needs to be done (to set an example), I will let them take down the channel. It is their content after all."

If we hear any developments, we'll be sure to let you know.

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