We had a moment of panic this morning when a press release email came in, with the subject line — all in caps — YOUR COMPUTER MIGHT BE AT RISK. Our computer is always at risk! We download weird things all the time, and can't resist clicking on those big red CLICK HERE buttons that pop up before us! But it turns out that our computer is not at risk, at least not today, because it's just the title of an upcoming video game.

Your Computer Might Be At Risk is a first-person narrative puzzle game that's all about two stories, told in parallel: First, an escape-the-room puzzle game, and second, the tale of that first character's son, told twenty years in the future, in which he tries to figure out why you went missing. Probably because you couldn't figure out the escape room.

No solid release date for this one, but expect it on Nintendo Switch alongside PC and consoles this Summer.