GTA Trilogy
Image: Take Two / Rockstar Games

During a call with investors, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed that GTA Trilogy has beaten expectations to rack up more than 10 million in sales across all formats.

While Zelnick hasn't officially said that it sold 10 million, it was announced that the entire GTA franchise has now shifted over 370 million copies worldwide, a 15 million increase since November. Given that GTA V was singled out as selling another 5 million in that period (well spotted, Metro), it doesn't take a maths genius to figure out what kind of business the remastered trilogy has done.

Take-Two even goes as far as to cite the game as a key contributing factor to its better-than-expected earnings in the past quarter.

Zelnick was quizzed on the numerous problems the package shipped with, and said:

Very occasionally we fall short, and I think the trilogy was an example of that. We’ve had precious few quality lapses at this company, so any time that we’ve fallen short from a quality point of view it has been an isolated case and we aim to keep It that way.

He assured investors that Take-Two is "totally focused on quality and we always want to deliver the best possible experience."

GTA Trilogy wasn't ported by original developer Rockstar, but by Grove Street Games.