Gta Trilogy

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition is now available on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms but it's not got off to the best start - with fans supposedly encountering all sorts of issues in each of the games.

This latest trilogy, in case you didn't know, was handled by the Florida-based team at Grove Street Games - who has been porting GTA titles to various platforms for around a decade now and was responsible for the latest effort. The company's CEO and owner, Thomas Williamson, has now publically acknowledged fan criticisms - with the following tweet, that perhaps unsurprisingly hasn't gone down well with a lot of fans:

"It’s so fun to see players out there really enjoying what we’ve put together for them. I’m honestly enjoying this unparalleled level of scrutiny on our studio. Today we are celebrating our monumental project launch, while we work on updates."

In a previous tweet, Williamson seemed to explain the weight of the situation and pressure the team was under when delivering the Definitive Edition:

"As art ages, what was at the time a mistake becomes an homage, it becomes history. It's preservation is important. Han shoots first. One small step for man. Some mistakes should be rectified, and some should be preserved. Being on the deciding end is a heavy responsibility."

On the plus side, Williamson's latest tweet does mention how the team is working on "updates" - meaning it will at least be resolving some of the issues players may have experienced so far. If you do have any issues with the trilogy yourself though, it's advised to go file a report via Rockstar's support pages, where everything is "collated and considered".

How have you found the GTA Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch so far? Encountered any issues yourself? Tell us down below.

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