GTA Trilogy
Image: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is one of the most eagerly-awaited releases of 2021, but those who have managed to get their hands on it early are reporting that not everything is as 'definitive' as it should be.

As reported by our friends over at Push Square, Rockstar has made some rather odd changes to character models in the game, mainly NPCs who have only a minor impact on the story:

Elsewhere, it turns out that Old Reese – the barber who gave off serious Morgan Freeman vibes in the original game – has undergone a seriously impressive anti-aging process:

It seems that one of the changes has gone down particularly badly with fans (ahem):

Outside of the characters, some fans have noted that the decision to remove the fog to hide the limited draw distance hasn't really paid off:

It would seem that the game is packed with its fair share of spelling mistakes, presumably down to the AI upscaler that has been used to enhance the visuals from the original game:

Here are some more zingers:

It's worth noting that these are negative reactions and that there's bound to be a lot of good stuff going on in these remasters – but it's interesting to note that some of the changes are so regressive. It's also worth noting that not every song that was included in the original games makes the cut here.