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Image: Disney / Square Enix

If you thought patches were a thing of the past when it comes to cloud releases, think again. Square Enix has rolled out a "day 1" update for the Nintendo Switch versions of Kingdom Hearts, available via Cloud.

It seems some players have also been reporting issues with the individual games and series' launcher, but it's not clear just yet if this patch addresses any of these problems.

Today we've also launched a day 1 patch. This will fix various bugs which occur whilst playing either the full or demo versions of each Kingdom Hearts game on Nintendo Switch. #KH20th

Many Kingdom Hearts cloud players have also been sharing their own experiences online, and well - it's not working out for everyone:

Other players haven't had any issues playing or launching the game, but have noted how the cloud version could use some work. One stream, in particular, appears to highlight an old glitch that seems to have somehow made a return.

If we hear any developments, we'll let you know. For now, though, tell us if you've tried out the cloud versions of Kingdom Hearts in the comments below.

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