The MLB The Show 22 Tech Test is heading towards its conclusion, with Sony San Diego also keeping busy promoting the baseball sim ahead of its early April release. Its Switch debut is a big deal, of course, though we were left rather disappointed in our hands on of the current test build.

To be fair to the marketing team, it's being honest in its promotion of the Switch-specific version, using genuine footage of the hybrid system's version rather than the spruced up 4K / 60fps performance seen on the more powerful PS5 / Xbox Series X|S. As you can see in the latest trailer above, it's utilising superstar two-way player Shohei Ohtani to promote it, while putting a big emphasis on portable play and having The Show on the go.

For those with plenty of disposable cash that could be a big attraction, of course, making progress in different modes on the go and perhaps saving the most important games and online matches for a home console version. Alternatively, for those that have Switch as their main or only system it's a chance to get a hold of the series for the first time.

It'll be interesting to see how MLB The Show 22 fares on Switch; the compromises as evident in the Tech Test are rather severe, but perhaps a number of players will be able to overlook those shortcomings.