Sonic The Hedgehog
Image: Paramount Pictures / SEGA

Sega Corporation and Paramount Pictures have announced Sonic will be getting a third film along with a new live-action series.

Development of the third feature film has already commenced development, even though the second film isn't out until April. As for the live-action series, the Paramount+ production is due out in 2023 and will feature the character Knuckles - voiced by Idris Elba.

Here's what Sega Corp's CEO Haruki Satomi had to say about the news:

"We are delighted to announce that the third Sonic theatrical film and the first live action Sonic series for Paramount+ are being actively developed. We’ve got a remarkable partnership with Paramount, and we are excited to continue expanding the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise with them. 2022 is shaping up to be a significant year for the franchise with the second film being released this April, as well as Sonic Frontiers, the highly anticipated video game title, coming this holiday. Sonic has been beloved by fans across the world for over 30 years and we look forward to continuing to bring memorable moments and experiences to them for many years to come.”

President and Paramount Pictures CEO & Nickelodeon CCO Brian Robbins added the following:

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with SEGA, Neal Moritz, and all our creative partners as we explore additive ways to holistically scale the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise across platforms and captivate its loyal audience around the world.”

Sonic's second movie outing is due for release on 8th April. The original movie banked nearly $320 million at the box office worldwide.

Are you looking forward to a third Sonic film and live-action series featuring Knuckles? Comment down below.