We do love a bit of LEGO Zelda, and so do the myriad of people who are both LEGO and Zelda fans who keep voting Zelda-themed, fan-made sets (officially termed "MOCs" - My Own Creation) into the final round of LEGO Ideas' design review.

LEGO Ideas is the brick company's opportunity for the general public to have the chance to see their set designs made real, as long as they get enough support and pass that crucial final review, in which actual LEGO employees decide if a set is viable as a commercial product.

Image: Brixster

We have yet to see a single Zelda set make it past that review, but we can still hope — and our latest hope is this detailed, poseable figure of Link from Breath of the Wild, complete with Master Sword, Shiekah Slate, and Korok friend.

The set has 4,460 supporters and about a month to go, in which time it needs to make it to 5,000 supporters in order to pass through to the next round. Eventually, the set will need to reach 10,000 supporters to be admitted to the expert review. If you'd like to lend your support to LEGO Link, click here to take a look at the project!