Ninja Issen is a game that first popped onto our radar in Summer 2021, as it was confirmed for Switch as part of Indie Live Expo. Originally planned for a 2021 release, it's now been shifted to a target of Summer 2022 and could be a bit of a sneaky hit to watch.

As you can see in the trailer it's heavily stylised and is aiming to deliver a 'hyper ninja action experience', which seems like an accurate description. It combines this with a cyberpunk aesthetic and seemingly a soundtrack that'll keep you awake to the action.

It's back on our radar from a PR perspective because developer Asteroid-J - along with publisher CFK Co., Ltd. - are highlighting its inclusion in Steam Next Fest, with a fresh demo available on the platform.

It looks like the sort of game that could be a lot of fun on Switch; Nintendo's system is also the only console currently listed for the game.

Let us know what you think - is this on your radar ahead of its Summer release?